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Highlights from reviews (for the full reviews, click here).

"… superb … very fine music!"

Cat Eldridge in Green Man Review, USA 

"Someone worked overtime on the arrangements because no two tracks sound alike. Every track has something to offer. Recommended listening."

Mick Brooks in Shreds and Patches, No 17

"I could dance to this all day – it's lively, the music fits the dances properly, and there's a good variety of instruments, tempos and styles. Well worth a listen."

Ian Bradshaw in Buzz, No 60

"A gem. Small but perfectly formed, exquisitely crafted, polished and detailed, yet the true nature of the material never out of focus. Danceable but more intricate than dance music."

Cresby in Folkwrite, No 70

"Throughout, the tempo is just right, reflecting the fact that the band members are themselves keen dancers when they get a night off. One reviewer said that a lot of thought had gone into the arrangements on the album, but this is just how Captain Swing play all the time. Andy Casserley's tunes are inventive and fit in well with the traditional numbers."

Bob Taberner in The Folk Mag

Track listing and samples

01. Walter Bulwer’s Polka (trad.) / Norton New Bell Wake (trad.)

02. The Wonder Hornpipe (trad.) / Enrico (trad.)

03. The Frog In The Bucket (Andy Casserley) / Andrew Carr (trad.)

04. Love Sick Polly (trad.) / Waterloo (trad.) 

05. One Kiss (unknown)

06. Heel And Toe Polka (trad.)

07. Roger’s Waltz (trad.) / Cold North Seas (Andy Casserley)

08. The Falcon (Andy Casserley) / The Hairy Turn (Andy Casserley)

09. Seven Stars (trad.) / The Locksmith (Andy Casserley)
10. La Belle Janette (trad.) / Ma Lad’s Ower Bonny (trad.)
11. Sally And The Stopcock (Andy Casserley)
12. Grandfather’s Polka (trad.) / Worthy Christian Men (trad.)

Studio picture

All arrangements by Captain Swing.
Thanks to Emma Casserley for playing cornet on track 12.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Workshop Studios, Redditch in March/April 1998. Thanks to Dave & Chris at Workshop for their patience and advice.

The members of Captain Swing featured on the CD are:
Andy Casserley (melodeon, anglo-concertina, alto sax, clarinet)
John Davis (bass guitar, recorder)
Liz Griffiths (recorders, anglo-concertina, tenor sax, percussion)
Mike Griffiths (percussion)
Rob James (guitar, mandola)

Produced by Captain Swing
© & ® Captain Swing 1998
CS Records CSCD001