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Captain Swing's
English Jam

“The band has been going for over two decades, and has a growing reputation … The recorders lend a renaissance or baroque sound to some tracks, including Paddy Carey and a fair handful of Northumbrian tunes, while the sax can turn a perfectly ordinary dance tune like The Sheffield Hornpipe into a low-down dirty swamp blues. The arrangements can be quite complex and varied … The CD cover, notes and artwork are gently humorous, so you can enjoy this album without even opening the box, but I'd recommend a good listen to the music, too. English Jam finishes with a final burst of almost folk rock in the style of Umps & Dumps or Flowers & Frolics, vintage stuff and good clean fun.”

– Living Tradition

“… very danceable but intricate enough to sit and listen to. The thing that binds it together is their tight arrangements and that is no accident – live they are just as precise … all lively fare, some ripple like a burbling stream, some march along … one of my two favourite ceilidh bands.”

– Folklife Quarterly

“The album … really needs to be danced to … ideal for ceilidhs and source material for sessions. The CD sleeve is clever and witty and the notes are informative and well researched. A good one for dancers and musicians alike.”

– Folk Monthly

Track listing and samples

01. Juniper Hill / I’ll Tousle Your Kerchy

02. Laura / Keogh and Masterman

03. Sheffield Hornpipe / Tink A Tink

04. Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself / Linky Lanky

05. Topcroft Reel / Blackberry Blossom

06. Captain Swing’s Hornpipe / The Steamboat

07. Just Let Me Finish This Row / The Young May Moon

08. Branle de la Torche

09. Chanson des Scieurs de Long / The Shrewsbury Waltz

10. Merrily Danced The Quaker’s Wife / You May If You Please

11. Pas d’été / The Mystery Dance

12. Paddy Carey

13. Tollhouse Hop

14. The Peacock Follows The Hen / Trip to Yorkshire

15. Merry Go Round

Captain Swing ... and other likely stories

All arrangements by Captain Swing.
All titles traditional except: 02b, 07a, 13 by Andy Casserley; 06a by Ian Pittaway; 06b by James Hill; 12 by J. Whitaker.
Produced by Ian Pittaway.
Mixed and engineered by Paul Baker.
Recorded May-August 2013 at Diabolus Studio: www.diabolus.org

Captain Swing are:
Andy Casserley (melodeon; anglo-concertina; treble and tenor recorders; clarinet)
Liz Griffiths (soprano, treble, descant and tenor recorders; saxophone; glockenspiel)
John Davis (bass guitar; sopranino recorder)
Ian Pittaway (guitar; mandolin)
Mike Griffiths (caller)

© & ® Captain Swing 2014
CS Records CSCD002